Farmina N & D Cat Food Ocean Herring

Grain-Free Recipes for Dogs & Cats
While dogs and even cats are able to benefit from limited carbohydrates, their dietary requirements are similar to those of predator canines and felines. Anatomically, they are better structured to eat and process animal proteins and animal fats. Our diets were safety tested for two years in conjunction with a well-known veterinary hospital and the results published and reviewed by peers.
The N&D Grain-Free formulas for dogs and cats are comprised of 70% animal ingredients (pre-cooking weight) and 30% vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals. These diets are grain and gluten free. They range in protein from 37% to 42% for dogs and 44% for cats. All of the diets in both lines for dogs and cats are suitable for maintenance, growth and reproduction and stress. Animal protein in the grain-free line ranges from 95% to 97% of total protein, among the
highest available. Most pet food companies will not disclose this due to the use of legume protein but we feel you deserve to know. Virtually all of the fats in the grain-free formulas are animal-based as well. There are no added plant oils of any kind.
These diets are also quite different than competing foods because we use much better quality protein sources that are devoid of bone, so ash is as low as 7.80% and calcium and phosphorous levels are controlled. You don’t have to contact us for ash content as we are happy and quite proud to just tell you.
Our diets are unique in that we typically pair identical proteins in a fresh/dehydrated sequence. If we use fresh wild boar meat we will pair it with dehydrated wild boar meat. This allows us to optimize the amino acid profile of the food while also increasing protein. We do this for wild boar, chicken and herring in the grain-free formulas. Even for us there are practical limits to using fresh protein, so superior quality dehydrated sources are always used.

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