Rover Cozy Dog Coats

Superior insulation:
The hollow follicle allows the fur to breathe as the body heats thereby allowing regulation of heat, Possum fur is far warmer than feather and does not matt. This high quality double sided blend of Merino and Possum fur provides added luxury and enjoys low pilling.
  • Comfort and warmth 
  • No irritation or prickle 
  • Odour Management 
  • Unlike synthetic fabrics the Merino Possum resists the build-up of odour
  • Cleaning 
  • May be gentle machine washed or hand wash at 40 degrees with an approved wool detergent, dry clean, gentle tumble dry. Natural repellent surface – spills can be wiped away because causing permanent staining.
  • Therapeutic qualities
  • Ideal for older dogs suffering from arthritis or for dogs convalescing from illness or an operation.
  • Competition
  • Perfect for dogs competing in agility events as akin to athletes these dogs need to have their muscles taken care of after strenuous exercise.
  • Enviromental
  • Natural, renewable can be easily recycled and are biodegradable