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Wondercide 100% Natural Pet Treats

$ 19.99

 Natural, All-Meat, Grain-Free Jerky Treats for Dogs & Cats | Made in the USA

If you eat organic, minimally-processed, high-quality food, why shouldn't your pet? Our beloved house pets evolved from wild cats and dogs who could forage for food. Today's cats and dogs are meant to live on a single-source protein diet that comes from animals, not grains. Wondercide Jerky Treats offer real meat from the same supplier Whole Foods uses, include no grains, and are for both cats and dogs.

The best food for our pets is grain-free and low-carbohydrate. Filler grains like corn and wheat are hard for pets to digest. Most pet food companies use carbohydrates like potatoes as filler (to keep dog kibble cheap) and glue (to bind together other ingredients). If dog kibble is hard to digest, dogs aren't getting the nutrients they need, which contributes to diseases like cancer—a disease that now affects 1 in 3 dogs

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