If you’re looking for a high-quality pet health food store dedicated to curating the best products for customers, then you’ve come to the right place. Our brick-and-mortar store offers everything: food (including raw pet food), treats, supplements, toys, beds, bowls, and more.

If you have any trouble picking a brand or deciding on raw food or kibble, don’t worry. My Pet Naturally has a team of informed and friendly staff readily available to answer any questions you may have. We can even help customize food plans or create health plans for your pet, a special service you won’t find anywhere else. You can meet with our in-store specialist to discuss your pet’s dietary and health needs, such as kidney problems, cancer, and skin issues. We also have fresh, homemade cakes and cookies for your pet – perfect for birthdays and other celebrations.

But that’s not all – at My Pet Naturally, you can schedule a haircut with our first-class grooming staff. Our grooming center, My Pet Naturally Clean, is a premium bathhouse for dogs and cats. We make sure your pet always leaves relaxed and clean.

Anyone is welcome to come in with their furry friend and spend the day with us. Come visit our store in Santa Monica today!

Our Owner: Neil Massa

Neil Massa created My Pet Naturally almost two decades ago after spending years in different industries. Though his job experience ranged from travel and private security work to wholesale grocery and customer service, Neil couldn’t shake one thing: his love for animals.

Neil’s passion and love for pets spurred from owning Leonberger dogs, a breed that he has loved and cared for since the late 1980s. By dedicating copious time and energy to Leonbergers, Neil gained valuable insight into what it takes to raise healthy pets.

During his time as a pet owner, Neil began making his own premium raw dog food by grinding vegetables and mixing them with the necessary meat and grains. From these early experiments, he saw first-hand the numerous benefits that came from feeding his dogs better quality food. After years of being a dedicated pet owner and making his own pet food, Neil decided to take a leap of faith.

In 2006, My Pet Naturally was born.

My Pet Naturally came from Neil’s desire to create a health food store for pets, something that he couldn’t find anywhere else. At My Pet Naturally, he began providing premium, natural, and holistic pet food and health care products to his clients.

Over the years, people began to notice what an innovative and important brand My Pet Naturally was building. LA Magazine even awarded the store “Best Pet Dog Cookie in LA” in 2009.

In 2019, Neil moved to his current location on Pico Boulevard, where My Pet Naturally stands today.

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