Raw Food

When it comes to pet food, most owners feed their pet kibble or canned food. However, what most owners don’t know is that raw food is the highest-quality option when it comes to feeding your cat or dog. Although raw food has been around for decades, there are many misconceptions about its benefits for pets. Raw food is usually of higher quality than other pet food because it meets a different set of standards. It can largely benefit animals with kidney or bladder issues, pancreatitis, diabetes, dental problems, obesity, and allergies.

Like the wolf, a dog’s digestive system is designed to handle raw meat, such as rabbits, squirrels, rodents, and birds. Dogs and cats have been on raw food diets for thousands of years without any issues. As a matter of fact, kibble didn’t become a popular option until the 1940s and 1950s when people were sold on the convenience of it.

A raw food diet contains only the necessities for cats and dogs of unprocessed meat, organ meat, and vegetables for a fully balanced meal. Since raw food is not cooked like canned or kibble food, the proteins are kept intact. Even better, no ash is formed in the food. Also, unlike kibble, raw food doesn’t contain grain, which is often used as a binding agent to hold everything together.

The only inconvenience with raw food, other than being slightly more costly than other options, is that it must be kept frozen, so it takes up freezer space.

My Pet Naturally and Raw Food

At My Pet Naturally, you can find the best selection of raw pet food on the market. Although we carry several brands, such as Harmony Farms, Halshan, Primal, Answers, Vital Essentials and Bones & Co., we also sell our own recipe for raw food. We’ve spent years testing different raw food’s many benefits and perfecting it for our furry customers. Our raw food consists of 75% muscle and organ meat and 25% above-ground vegetables.

Raw food is the highest quality of pet food Difficult to travel with because it must be kept refrigerated or in a cooler
Raw food is the easiest pet food to digest Can be expensive
Raw food has the highest amount of moisture Can be cross-contamination
Raw food doesn’t require a binding agent Takes up freezer storage space
Raw food has protein; it isn’t broken down
Raw food doesn’t contain ash
Raw food doesn’t contain grain
Raw food is good for animals with health problems