Pet Food

My Pet Naturally is known for selling healthy and organic pet food for dogs and cats. We have a wide selection that covers raw, freeze-dried, air-dried, dehydrated, canned, and kibble pet food. Though each food type has its pros and cons, pet owners will always be able to find the best option for their specific needs.

No matter which pet food option you choose, please keep in mind that switching between raw pet food and kibble pet food can be tough on the pet’s digestion system if not done correctly.  Alternating between different pet foods can lead to digestion issues, vomiting, diarrhea, and other health issues.

If you have questions about which pet food to buy, what the best diet is for your pet, or any other concerns regarding pet food, be sure to ask one of our friendly, helpful staff members. We’re always available to customize food plans for your pet.

All of our pet food is available for curbside delivery and pickup.

Raw Food

Please read our page on raw pet food and its many benefits for your pet. Raw pet food is the highest-quality option when it comes to feeding your cat or dog.

Air-Dried and Freeze-Dried Food

If raw food doesn’t work for you and your pet, your next best option is air-dried or freeze-dried food.

Air-dried pet food slowly evaporates moisture and harmful pathogens from the raw ingredients while keeping the vital nutrients. Freeze-dried pet food is flash-frozen to eliminate bacteria without cooking the meat or breaking down the protein. Both freeze-dried and air-dried pet foods are uncooked, which preserves the protein.

At My Pet Naturally, you will find several options when it comes to air-dried or freeze-dried pet food. For air-dried, we carry brands like Ziwi Peak and Real Meat. With freeze-dried pet food, our most popular choices are The Honest Kitchen, Smack and Stella & Chewy’s.

Does not have to be refrigerated Can be expensive
Easy to travel with
Easy to digest
Protein isn’t broken down
No ash is made in the food

Dehydrated Food

Following air-dried and freeze-dried food is dehydrated food. Dehydrated pet food is very similar to the previous two, except that it is considered a cooked food option.

Dehydrated food’s goal is to eliminate bacteria, much like air-dried and freeze-dried. However, this is done by slowly cooking the food over a long period of time. Since there is some cooking involved, the vital proteins are broken down, and ash is typically created in the food.

Does not have to be refrigerated Can be expensive
Easy to travel with Protein is broken down
Easy to digest Ash typically found in the food

Canned Food

As we go down the list of best pet food options, the next is canned food. Canned food includes meat that has already been cooked, which means that vital proteins are broken down, and ash is made in the food. Another issue is that some dogs can’t digest the cooked leftover protein, which can lead to kidney problems.

One benefit of canned food is that it contains a lot of moisture and keeps the pet hydrated. Another advantage is that canned food typically comes in a multitude of flavors, making it easy to mix them up to find your pet’s favorites.

Does not have to be refrigerated Some pets can’t digest cooked protein
Has lots of moisture Protein is broken down
Convenient and has easy to feed portions Ash typically found in the food
Easy to digest Can be messy
Comes in many flavors Can be expensive

Kibble Food

My Pet Naturally provides a variety of kibble, which is processed, cooked pet food. Although there can be several issues with kibble, there are many options with high-quality ingredients. For example, a kibble with a binding agent that has barley, oats or brown rice instead of corn, wheat or sorghum will generally be a healthier option. You can even find grain-free kibble that has a binding agent consisting of peas, potatoes or lentils.

When it comes to kibble, dogs and cats have a harder time chewing it into small pieces since their teeth are not designed to grind down food. Since they can’t chew it well, they tend to inhale it, which often leads to digestion issues.

Another issue with kibble compared to other pet food options is that it does not contain any moisture. Since most dogs and cats get their needed moisture amount from their food, kibble can dehydrate them, leading to kidney problems.

However, a benefit of kibble is that it typically comes in a multitude of flavors and options. You can try out several different choices before picking the perfect one for your pet.

Most convenient option and has easy to feed portions Hardest to digest
Does not have to be refrigerated Not as healthy as other options
Has many flavors and options Does not contain any moisture
Typically the least expensive pet food Requires a binding agent
Some pets can’t digest cooked protein
Protein is broken down
Ash typically found in the food