Dog Bath and Brush Services Santa Monica, California

Welcome to My Pet Naturally,  the finest Dog Bath and Brush Services in Santa Monica, where we believe that a clean dog is a happy dog. Our specialized bathing services are designed not just to clean but to rejuvenate your furry friend, making them look, feel, and smell their best.

With a focus solely on bathing, we ensure that every dog receives the pampering they deserve, using techniques and products that guarantee a top-tier grooming experience.

Dog Bath and Brush Services Santa Monica, California

Dog Bath & Brush Near Me

Our comprehensive Dog Bath & Brush service is tailored to meet the needs of all dogs, regardless of breed, size, or coat type.

Here’s what makes our bathing service the Best Dog Bath Services Santa Monica CA.

  • Pre-Bath Brushing: To ensure the best results, we start with a thorough brushing to detangle and remove loose fur.
  • Customized Bathing Solutions: Understanding that each dog has unique needs, we select from a range of premium, natural shampoos and conditioners. Whether your dog has sensitive skin or needs a hypoallergenic solution, we have it covered.
  • Gentle Bathing Technique: Our skilled groomers use gentle, effective techniques to clean and rinse your dog, ensuring they are comfortable throughout the process.
  • Post-Bath Brush and Dry: After a relaxing bath, dogs are gently dried and given a final brush-out, leaving their coat shiny, smooth, and fully detangled.

If you’re thinking: “Why should I trust My Pet Naturally and not other dog bath specialists in Santa Monica?” Our detailed approach ensures not only cleanliness but also your dog’s overall well-being and comfort, making us the Dog Bath Specialists you can trust. Additionally, we offer a wide range of services to cover all your pet care needs, including Dog dental cleaning services, dog ear cleaning services , and Dog Nail Trimming Services. Each service is designed to ensure the utmost care and attention to your pet’s health and happiness.

Dog Bath Price List

We believe in transparency and have detailed our Dog Bath and Brush Services Price List below. Our competitive pricing is designed to offer you the best value:

ServiceSmall DogsMedium DogsLarge Dogs
Basic Bath & Brush$30$40$50
Deluxe Bath & Brush$45$55$65
Premium Bath & Brush$60$70$80

Prices may vary based on coat condition and temperament.

Areas We cover

  • Downtown Santa Monica
  • Mid-City
  • Montana Avenue
  • Ocean Park Boulevard/Santa Monica Airport Area
  • Pico Boulevard
  • Santa Monica Pier/Ocean Avenue
  • Wilshire Boulevard
  • Main Street

Final Verdict

Opting for our Dog Bath and Brush Services means choosing unparalleled care and expertise for your furry family member. Not only do we offer Cheap Dog Bath Services Santa Monica, but we also ensure a luxury experience that leaves your dog feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Do groomers brush dogs?

Absolutely, brushing is a fundamental part of the grooming process, essential for removing tangles and excess fur.

What is the difference between grooming and bathing a dog?

Bathing focuses on cleaning the coat and skin, while grooming encompasses a broader range of services, including haircuts, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.

Can you brush a dog in the bath?

Yes, brushing can be done during the bath to help remove loose fur and improve the effectiveness of the bathing process.

Do dog groomers bathe dogs?

Yes, bathing is a standard service offered by dog groomers, often complemented by other grooming services for a complete care package.

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