Why Feed Raw

Neil MassaJun 6, '14

Cats and dogs have survived through the ages with paws and teeth that are designed for ripping, catching, and tearing of the animals upon which they prey. These, of course, are attributes of a carnivore. The digestive track of both cats and dogs are essentially identical to the species from which they have descended through the ages, allow for the rapid elimination of that which is digested, so the food moves through their systems quickly. Because they have the physiology of a meat-eater, the caregivers of cats and dogs should treat them like the carnivores that are found in nature. No matter how much we try we cannot change or improve on what comes naturally to our pets. It makes sense to duplicate what nature has designed in the interest of natural health for our companion animals. Raw food gives them what they need to thrive, which is just the opposite of the so-called “nutritious food” that comes in a can, bag, or pouch.


For free to ask any questions you may have below or some in the store and we would love to walk you through the raw foods we carry!  You can also order through our online store.

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