Grooming = Healthy Necessity!

Neil MassaJun 24, '14

Typically we keep our pets groomed because we want them to look nice and smell good, but did you know that grooming goes deeper than just appearances?!  By keeping your pet groomed, you can actually spot health issues before they turn into something major.

Just like we, as humans, want to feel clean and fresh: brush our hair, get off all the day's grime, take care of cuts if we got them from opening a envelope, etc., by keeping your pet groomed, you will be able to catch any scratches, lumps, or any other abnormal spots...potentially saving your sweet anima's life.

Take a look at this article written by vet Dr. Marty Becker: Why Grooming Your Dog Is Great for His Health

We take grooming very seriously here at My Pet Naturally, as we want to see all our customers happy, healthy and clean!  Click here to check out our grooming services. Call 310-477-3030 today to schedule an appointment for your pet!


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