Benefits of Calcium In Your Pet's Diet

Neil MassaNov 13, '14

Calcium is a great supplement and can have many wonderful benefits by adding it to your dog or cat's diet.

Calcium can help with combating irritation, inflammation and infection in the body of the animal.  It can also aid in injuries that can be caused by physical activity like running, jumping, going upstairs or for muscles that may have atrophied.  In addition, calcium can aid in getting fractures and breaks to heal more quickly.

Some signs that a dog or cat may be calcium deficient are inflammation in the joints, stomach, ears, and eyes.

When selecting a calcium supplement for your pet, there are several different sources of calcium that can be added:

1)  Calcium from cow bone (bovine calcium) - most natural source


2)  Calcium from eggshell


3)  Seaweed calcium - this type of calcium doesn't actually come from seaweed, but from calcified coral beds 


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