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Addiction Pet Foods

Aaron Holistic SpecialistJul 16, '15

We've just added the full line of Addiction Pet Foods for both cats and dogs online and at our retail store My Pet Naturally in Los Angeles.  Addiction Pet Foods is made in New Zealand at their own manufacturing plant and come in dry kibble, raw dehydrated, cans, and delicious...

World's 1st Eco-Conscious Treat

Neil MassaMar 3, '15

Introducing an amazing new treat for cats & dogs: "Awesome Possum!" * World's 1st eco-conscious dog & cat treat* Grain-free, all natural* GMO-free* Excellent source of protein to manage food allergies * Great alternative protein* High in Omega-3s, great for skin & coat* Made in New Zealand The Brushtail Possum is...

Why Feed Raw

Neil MassaJun 6, '14

Cats and dogs have survived through the ages with paws and teeth that are designed for ripping, catching, and tearing of the animals upon which they prey. These, of course, are attributes of a carnivore. The digestive track of both cats and dogs are essentially identical to the species from which they have descended through the...