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Grooming 101 September 25 2014

What are the number one and number two reasons that dogs get groomed?  

1) To look good

2) To smell good


However, there are a lot more important reasons to routinely give fido a regular bath or groom.

Hair:  Long-haired dogs especially need to be groomed as skin issues can result from matted coats.  Also, waiting to groom a dog with a severely matted coat can literally tear the skin right off the dog and cause terrible bleeding.  Yet, if you invest in a good quality grooming brush and regularly brush a long-haired dog, you will mostly likely be able to avoid hair that gets matted and spare the dog the pain of detangling between grooming appointments. 

Fleas:  Keeping fleas at bay is another reason to visit your groomer.  Fleabite dermatitis can start from just one flea bite and can create a raw hot spot that can be both irritating, uncomfortable, and a persistent problem for your dog.  Also, untreated fleas can lead to worms.  The importance of natural sprays, dips, and shampoos to treat the fleas along with products like boric acid, diatomaceous earth, and cedar chips work to safely and naturally kill the fleas on the dog and the areas that your dog frequents in the household.

Nails:  Routinely trimming a dog's nails is often overlooked.  Leaving a dog's nails long can cause discomfort when walking, can catch on things, and cause torn toes.  Nails can grow back into the skin which can cause an infection and often times need to be surgically removed therefore creating more pain for the pet.

Eyes and ears:  Stains around the eye area often a result of bacteria may cause an infection and if left untreated may become difficult to remove.  Keeping your dog's ears clean is very important as the ears can become easily inflamed and infected.  Plus, not regularly treating your dog's ears can create a foul smell.

In general, finding a reputable groomer that you trust will help to not only keep your dog looking good and smelling good, but will also help with the overall health and well being of your dog. 





What are the signs of an ear infection? August 13 2014

If your pets ear smells really bad and they tilt their head or if they continoulsy shake their head and try to scratch their ears all the time.

What would cause an ear infection?

Foregin debris, foxtails,bacteria,yeast/candida can all cause infections. If it is just debris it could be removed by your vet but if the infection is caused by bacteria or yeast/candida it can be flushed out with a ear rinse that we sell called "Herbal Ear Rinse" from Animals' Apawthecary.