Bully Sticks

A Lasting Dog Treat. High in protein, low in fat and easily digestible. Promotes healthy teeth and gums and satisfies dog's natural desire to chew. Bully Sticks are a 100% natural product, thickness, shape and color may vary slightly.

Great natural chew, All-natural, Single ingredient beef product, Easily digestible, High in protein, low in fat, Promotes healthy teeth and gums, and Longer lasting chew

They come in a large variety of sizes!

6" USA Bully Steer Sticks: clean free range bully sticks, 6" Jumbo Bullys, 12" Strait Bully Sticks, 6" Curly Bully Sticks, 10in Curly Bully Sticks, Bully Donuts, Knotted Bully Sticks, Braided Bully Sticks, Buffalo Bully Sticks, 1# Bag of Bully Bites, 1# Bag of Braided Bully Bites