Awesome Possum Cat Treats 2 oz

Awesome Possum Introduces the World’s First Eco-Conscious Dog and Cat Treat!

Addiction Foods announced the launch of Awesome Possum’s NZ Brushtail Possum Treatoffering dog and cat the benefits of feeding an all-natural, eco-friendly treat direct from New Zealand.

The Brushtail Possum is considered a major agricultural pest in New Zealand as they are found in millions with no known predators and they destroy native flora and fauna and endanger wildlife. By feeding this treat, pet owners will have a responsible food option by helping to conserve animal and plant life and at the same time providing their pets with a nutritionally superior and delicious treat.

NZ Brushtail Possum Treats offer Great Health Benefits

“NZ Brushtail Possum is a great choice for dogs and cats because it’s not only high in Omega 3 fatty acids, it’s a novel protein ideal for sensitive dogs and cats” said Jerel Kwek, CEO of Addiction Foods.