Holistic Care


Just as we all have become increasingly aware of what we are putting into our own bodies, My Pet Naturally understands the need and desire to do the same for our pets. 

We have a whole back corner of our store that focuses alone on holistic, homeopathic and all-natural care for your four-legged family member.  Not only that, but we also have an in-store Holistic Pet Care Specialist, Aaron.  He has such a wealth of knowledge and can help walk you through the needs of your pet and explain everything thoroughly.

Due to all the processed food, treats and other unhealthy things that are so readily on the market for our pets, the cancer rate is up to every one in four pets get it.  Not only that, but so many pets are getting horrible allergies due to foods and such. Holistic care gets to the root of the problem and takes care of it from there, not mask it.  We look forward to helping you in-store or feel free to order products here.



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