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Dogitos Goat, Lamb Lung Treats

$ 5.99

Aunt Jeni’s Home Made manufacturers a full line of all-natural, dehydrated treats for dogs, cats and ferrets. We offer both meat-based and vegetarian options. Specializing in the unusual, we work diligently to source safe and healthy ingredients that we slice and dehydrate in house. That’s all we do: we add nothing to the treats; each one has a single ingredient, with the exception of our “medleys” where we have combined more than one ingredient for a taste variety. Many of our treats are available in two sizes, for all sizes of pets.

All our treats are safe for pets as well as people. In fact, we have several customers (and staff members!) who find them difficult to resist!

All treats are 100% Grain Free, and most of them are low-fat.

No ingredients from China; No “Co-Packing” All treats are made by us, on-site. 

Available in 3 Flavors! Beef, Goat, Lamb


Goat: Goat Lung

Lamb: Lamb Lung


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