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DR Goodpet Feline Digestive Enzymes

$ 16.95

Feline Digestive Enzymes™4 oz.

More and more veterinarians and cat nutrition experts are finding our cats deficient in digestive enzymes.

Veterinarians report a wide range of improvements, including healthier hair coat and skin, more resistance to illness, more vigor and mobility, and maintenance of good body weight.

They are increasingly recommending digestive enzyme supplements for bowel disease, digestive irregularities and chronic diarrhea.

Dr. Goodpet's Feline Enzymes are made from natural plant sources, shown by research to be highly effective, less costly, and with a wider range of activity than animal-based enzyme supplements. Research also shows a strong link between enzyme deficiency and disease. Enzymes are particularly beneficial for older animals who often slowdown in their natural ability to produce digestive enzymes.

Daily Dosage: 1/2 teaspoon (875 mg) per cup of food. Each 4 oz. bottle contains 64 teaspoons.

Dr. Goodpet's Feline Enzymes are recommended in Anitra Frazier's Natural Cat Bookand in Dr. Al Plechner's Pet Allergies: Remedies for an Epidemic and in Diane Stein'sThe New Natural Cat.

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