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Jones Gourmet Dog Chews

$ 2.49

Beef Knee Caps are one of the strongest bones given the nature of a knee cap to cover and protect. This knee cap bone treat has natural meat surrounding bone cured with a little liquid smoke for more flavor. 100% USA Beef Knee Cap from hind leg. Individually shrink wrapped. 1 per package.

Center bones are popular with any size dog. Most of the centers have a succulent marrow in the center of the bone along with tasty meaty pieces left on the bone. Each are dipped in a natural liquid smoke and then slowly roasted to greatness. These USA beef femur bones are great for small to medium size dogs. Crude Protein min 10%, Crude fat min 25%, Crude fiber max 4%, Moisture max 7%.

Crown Knuckle always have their gems for flavor, our crowns have scrumptious meaty tidbits dipped in natural liquid smoke to make the perfect treat. Great for medium to large size dogs. These USA knuckles are from the beef tibia on the hind leg.

Dino Bone these USA beef and pork bones are covered with tasty meat morsels for your dog's ultimate enjoyment. The bones are smoked and slowly baked at low temperatures to ensure the highest quality and best flavor. They contain no preservatives or additives and are made in the USA.

Jumbo Bone Whole Beef Femur Dog Treat is a meaty smoked whole beef femur bone with knuckles on both ends. Jones Natural Chews Jumbo Bone Whole Beef Femur Dog Treat is baked with natural smoke and flavorings, no artificial ingredients are added to this great treat. This bone is ideal for medium to large size dogs.

  • USA beef femur
  • Dipped in natural liquid smoke
  • 1 Shrunk wrapped bone.

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