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Keys Redicare & Metacare

$ 25.99

RediCare - Natural Healing Spray

Therapeutic Healing Spray and Insect Repellant with Neem and Karanja

  • Natural Insect repellent for flying and crawling insect

  • Natural skin therapy for burns and sunburns
  • Helps with skin irritations caused by chemical, pollutants and allergens

  • Reported to relieve dry patchy itchy areas associated with internal disorders like diabetes, shingles and chemotherapy induced dry skin

  • Natural after bath skin conditioner and anti-itch remedy

  • Light moisturizing spray-able body lotion

  • Reported to help with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and chemical induced dermatitis

  • Helps heal scrapes, abrasions and minor cuts

  • Natural spray-in leave-in hair conditioner

  • Anti-itch and natural anti-inflammatory for insect bites like bees, fire ants and non poisonous spidersGood for people and dogs.


MetaCare - Natural Healing Therapy Lotion & Salve

Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients Heal with Neem and Karanja Oil

  • Healing lotion with Neem and Karanja Oil
  • Fast acting against many skin disorders
  • Anit-fungal for atheletes foot and other skin disorders
  • Heals dog injuries, scapes and burns
  • Great scar healing properties
  • Insect repellent and healer for pet abrasions, cuts and surgery recovery
  • Intensive Therapy Cream for Skin Disorders



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