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PawZ Rubber Dog Boots

$ 18.99

PAWZ Dog Boots – Waterproof Dog Boots

Protect your pet’s paws with PAWZ Dog Boots. These waterproof dog boots are great for keeping your dog’s feet comfy and cozy when you are out and about. Use them in wet weather, on warm beaches, during winter walks, and much more. In addition to protecting your pet’s paws, these dog boots are 100% biodegradable and made with natural rubber. Boots are easy to put on and sure to stay put on your dog’s feet.

Even the toughest dog’s paws can be sensitive to the ground they walk. Cold, heat, rain, snow – all these things can cause your pet discomfort on the walks you enjoy together. Fortunately, waterproof dog boots can help protect your pet’s paws from the elements. Dog boots surround your pet’s entire paw, shielding it against rain, snow, hot concrete and any a variety of other ground conditions.

PAWZ Dog Boots are made with natural rubber that is comfortable on your pet’s paws, making boots easy to walk in and wear. The stretchy material offers some give so your dog’s feet have breathing room. Unlike some other dog boots, PAWZ have no padding or liners so that your dog can actually feel the ground, promoting walking confidence and ease of movement. Your dog is sure to love wearing these waterproof dog boots in damp conditions like rain or snow.

PAWZ Dog Boots are 100% biodegradable, reusable and disposable. The natural rubber boots provide an economical, convenient and versatile choice for pets and pet parents. Boots arrive in a pack of 12; if one wears out, you can easily replace it.

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