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Pet Essences Flower Essences

$ 14.99

Flower Essences

ANIMALS have emotions, attitudes and personalities just like humans. To care for an animal, it is helpful to observe the animal and learn how to distinguish between normal regular behavior and behavior that is unusual and out of balance. Pets often reflect the emotions of the people close to them and the environment in which they live. Emotions such as fear or anxiety or worry or depression can lead to dis-ease because they deplete the physical body of its natural vitality, thereby compromising the immune systems ability to function properly. By using the appropriate Flower Essences to balance emotional attitudes, subtle changes occur that bring renewed energy forward and short circuit the path to illness. We have organized our flower essence formulas so that it is easy to select the appropriate Pet Essence. Don't worry about choosing an inappropriate essence.

They will not harm animals, or people, as they are self correcting- meaning that there are no unwanted side effects. Sometimes there are responses that may seem surprising but that is because each creature has a personal way of making changes in their own being.

Flower essences are easy to use and are very economical. Our stock bottles can be diluted with water or used directly out of the bottle. PET ESSENCES® are formulated from flowers infused in water and preserved in brandy. Use directly from bottle or dilute 7 drops of Stock Concentrate in 1 oz. water and put a dropper full of this diluted essence in drinking water 4x a day or as needed. Put them in drinking water, directly in mouth, or drop on paws. You can put them in a spray bottle and spray an animal's kennel, sleeping area or coat. Put in bath water. Rub into your hands and pet the animal! In a time of stress, a crisis, or after an accident, it is best to give EMERGENCY , every few seconds or every few minutes until the situation changes. Carry this combination with you at all times. You never know when an emergency will occur.


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