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Scratch And Peck Feeds Diatomaceous Earth

$ 15.99

Product Description

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is used in many ways, most notably as a natural way to prevent and treat parasites in poultry and other animals.  Studies have shown that feeding DE to poultry may improve both egg production, egg weight, and the general health of your birds. It can also be used as an external dust to prevent and kill mites.

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring substance composed of porous sediment formed from fossil remains of diatoms and it also contains amorphous silica. The tiny diatom shells that make up what you see are not digested but pass through the digestive tract collecting bacteria, viruses and other build up on the intestinal wall. Silica is absorbed into the blood stream which contributes to destroying bad fats, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

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