Softouch Concepts Dog Harness

Front-Connection™ harnesses create a new connection between you and your dog! New concepts helped us invent an original, dog-friendly approach. It involves more than clipping your leash to the front; the unique fit and methods give dogs guidance with their sense of touch to prevent choking and pulling.

Other products work against relationships by using restraint, leverage, and discomfort to discourage behavior. Softouch harnesses instead, increase communications. Both you and your dog experience stress-free walks, training, and companionship!

Product Highlights
The Girth Strap (bottom strap) provides extra comfort; made of custom Softouch™ polyester webbing.
Short coat dogs especially benefit from the soft and pliable girth strap.
Mini and X-Small sizes - all straps are custom Softouch™ polyester webbing.
Light weight and durable hardware - Duraflex
Side-positioned buckle prevents irritation.
Strap keepers prevent webbing from slipping.
Nickel plated, steel and welded O-rings for strength.