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Woundercide Natural Products Evolv Flea & Tick

$ 14.99

Organic Flea Spray | Tick Spray

EVOLV™ is a bio-based solution that was specially created for animal companions. It’s the organic flea spray and  tick spray that kills insects on contact, with no toxic effects on dogs, cats or children.

CEDAR: organic cedarwood oil (active), hydrated silica (inert)

LEMONGRASS: organic cedarwood oil (active), therapeutic grade lemongrass oil (active), hydrated silica (inert)

Natural Flea Repellent Treatment

We specialize in complete property treatment for all your natural pest control needs, whether it is routine pest control or treating an infestation.

Did you know only 5% of the flea life cycle is adult fleas? The other 95% is in egg and larvae stages. Getting rid of fleas can be difficult, so we recommend treating the home and lawn to end the life cycle.


Take Action for Total Elimination:

1. Treat both indoor and outdoor areas with Wondercide products to eliminate the flea and tick life cycle. Use  EcoTreat for outdoor areas, and BioDefense indoors, on pet beds, furniture and floors.

2. Protect your pet with Evolv™ once a week or as often as everyday for desired results

Easy Application

EVOLV comes in a ready-to-use trigger sprayer that is safe for everyday use. A 16-ounce bottle will last 1-3 months, or even longer, for a sixty pound dog. If the living environment has fleas or ticks and is not treated, more frequent EVOLV™ applications will be required.

  1. Rub your hand in the opposite direction of the coat.
  2. Mist the hide.
  3. Cover the body, legs, tail, belly, and armpits.
  4. Dispense into hands to rub on animal’s ears and face.
  5. Spray once a week or as needed for desired results.

Safe for use on dogs and cats of all ages. Newborns, seniors and cats are more sensitive by nature, so we recommend testing a small area 24 hours before a full application to ensure there are no sensitivities to the aroma or product. 

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